Each of us is a steward of light.  Each breath and experience we live, life flows through us and for us.  How each of us play as  stewards in this journey of life leads us all to a path that evolves, expands or contracts.

Divine compassion is a function of the soul for it rests in each of us. However, it is a choice to be compassionate, to do compassionate and be compassionate.  Regardless of circumstances, our heart and mind, body and soul, need to be rooted in reality of the present moment, for being aware of this moment offers each of us the choice – to love, to be loved, to hurt, to be hurt, to be humble through our success or pain, to be graceful if life is good.

Life has no meaning. It is both painful and joyful. Either path we take, it includes love, suffering and joy.

I offer you my compassion. I offer this world my compassion. I offer myself compassion. May we all be blessed in this journey as we each try to make ourselves better for the betterment of this world.



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