First Remote Healing a Success! It was FREE, impromptu and it WORKED


I have been practicing a specific energy healing technique for the past few months as I learn to refocus my health and my life in general.  As I help regain myself, I find it is useful to get out of my own pain and suffering by helping.

Upon visiting a friend, I offered an acquaintance remote energy healing as he was in some hotel across the country in pain. I only had 5 minutes or so to help.  First time to do remote energy healing and without my usual tools and did not have the intention to do any healing in the first place. All I knew, he needed help and I had to offer.  Voila! His feedback – “I felt taken care of!”

This morning, at a job search site, I found this woman having difficulty walking and looking desperate for help. I offered and did energy healing on her knee and we only had less than 5 minutes. Voila! She was feeling way better and the pain was significantly reduced.

Well, the help I gave was free because this practice school where I learned the technique do not allow people to seek a form of payment. Now what? I do not know. All I know is, I am a healer in my being. I am gifted. I do not have the 3rd eye stuff that people have but I am still managing to do this energy healing work. The business person inside of me is saying – how do I make money? Perhaps, when I have “finished” putting my life together, I would be offering this healing as value-added service. I laugh at this concept.

Life continues. I refuse to feel dismayed. I still have the “work issue” but I am progressing. My health – especially my energy level has to go up so I can manage to go back to the daily grind of stress in the corporate world.  One day at a time. I am breathing! I am blessed to have helped. It shows I have the capacity to be out of my drama or my inhibitions.

Sometimes I feel like I block myself from flying. I’m sure I have – given my history. What a way to accept change in my life and heal the world — I am walking the change and pain!  One day, I look forward to a brighter sun that rises within myself. Perhaps one day, this tunnel will have more light than darkness (well at least the ratio goes up!)

Enjoy the days ahead!

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