Breakthrough? Wholeness Within…


Thanks a lot to the universe for its wonderful gift of kindness, generosity and miracles from healers, strangers, friends, family over the past few months (or years),and through the recent healing techniques and meditation practices of Bodhi Meditation, I have gone through gamuts of emotions – from high to low and let go of a lot of energetic junk, the past history and whatever karmic stuff existed.

For the first time in my life, I experience a “wholeness” within. It is so expansive, inclusive and just “amen”  – actually, there are no proper words to describe it. :).  This is just the beginning of what is to come – whatever that is.  I plan to further cultivate this. In my heart and mind, it is such a privilege if I can fully incorporate this energy in my whole being 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for the rest of my life. I wonder if this is possible.  Would you imagine that? A walking “peace energy generator”? LOL.

I am sure the road ahead may not be all that smooth – nothing is permanent and guaranteed anyway.  I still do not know what I will end up doing because I am still “formulating” and “transforming”.  I just want to be able to help the world in my own signature, where it is appropriate, balanced, joyful and “most miraculous”. 🙂 – if there is such a thing during this chaotic time of ours.

I am still counting the blessings I have been given (like free food), minimal needs met (still paid rent this month), a positive trajectory on health and well-being, and the kindness of a benevolent universe – however it is manifesting.

A wonderful healer came to me and suggested I go through past life regression but I can’t remember nor will I “force” so whatever! Self-healing will take place when it is appropriate. 🙂  I am ALLOWING; not forcing so that is an improvement.  What a beautiful gift to allow LOVE and LIGHT in my heart and my mind again 🙂 The story continues for me…..

Take care everybody! May the light within shine in your hearts and minds!

For those who are interested, these are free meditation techniques from Bodhi Meditation.  Please visit their centers if you can and attend the level 1 full retreat to gain more benefits as it is an experiential thing, more intense and clearing at the end of the week. It is free and it is done through altruism.

The key is to relax and have a peaceful intention and heart/mind connection. You can even pray to your God of light/love.

Here are 3 FREE things:
The Greater Illumination meditation is a visual-audio guided one, plus you have to actually do the meditation. So if the meditation says “pick up a lotus flower”, you do it.  (No counting of breath and forcing  head to go blank)

The Purity meditation is a purely sitting visualize meditation, no actions involved

The Prajna Mantra – while other versions exist – the voice of this master/teacher has a high vibration energy. You can use while you do yoga, gardening, journal writing, or something that needs quiet time.

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