The world has been gifted. It just does not know it yet. For a few months now, I have been doing Bodhi Meditation’s Greater Illumination technique. Apparently, this type of meditation has a lot of hidden gems in it. Created by Master JinBodhi, whose intent is to help humanity find happiness and health, the technique has so many gifts that one needs consistent practice to attain its gifts of enlightenment. Some of the keys are diligence and a compassionate heart.

Tonight, I had a good practice. I got a gift in message form — “I AM VALID.”

After my practice & further reflection, it dawned on me that the fact that I am valid and the world “I am” may represent the word “OM” or universe, this means that the universe and all of its creation is valid including you and me! So, I continue to make peace with life and the world starting from within.

We are all made from the same essence and so everything I see is a reflection of what is within – the good, the bad and the ugly. My responsibility is to start within.

It is a harder pill to swallow when life becomes tough. At the same time, it brings more questions than answers – what is the role of the “I” and the “i”?  If the person next to me is a “pain”, how do I change within to see through the illusion of “painful person”? If society is appearing to go downhill, how can I change within to see through the illusion of “downhill disaster”?  More importantly, what action do I take?  Does this “dance” ever get better or rewarding somehow?

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