Love at its simplest form today….

Love is Singingin the Kitchen Out of Tune

Love, at times, can be theorized to death.   Tonight, I want to feel love at its simplest form –
– Love is singing in my kitchen – out of tune and making up funny lyrics happily while thanking God for everything
– Love is thanking the beef wrapped in bacon for its taste – despite being slightly overcooked
– Love is being grateful that I have something to eat and the mushroom soup that will hopefully tenderize the leftover beef
– Love is seeing the conscious rebel in me -that at each moment of the mind’s message of “lack of love”, I can remind myself of God’s love for me and my God-essence, deeply connected to the love within. I am not scarce in love. I see love within and in my life.
– Love is appreciating the 2 tiny petals off my pot of jasmine  for its wonderful gift of fragrance
– Love is listening to the voice of my soul &  heart – All is well

Here is a video from Wayne Dyer’s take about love in balance. It goes deeper so enjoy!



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