Limitations of Fear Emotion – Welcome It As Information?

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For those who are not averse to channeled messages, the attached video’s first part is an interesting info from this “Bashar” sharing its viewpoint on understanding the energy of limitation and fear.  It is about inviting these emotions that we tend to push out and welcome it as information.  The information is a tool of message to show yourself an aspect of yourself and to make the choice to change.

Another version on fear – Buddhism twist on it – its being FEARLESS.

I find it funny that there are so many ways to deal with fear – welcome it? Say no to it and be fearless in the moment by choice? Be faithful & God-fearing (as my Catholic background taught me).   So what is the truth?  What is more empowering?  Can we really be free from it or just need to keep overcoming it?

On a personal level, both ideas makes sense — when I am centered. When moments of vulnerability or PMS gets the best of my emotions, things do not become sensible, I get susceptible to being afraid instead of being fearless,….until I get centered again.    That is life at times!   I have more successes today than I did before so that is progress!!!!  I am in progress; you are in progress.

By the way, just out of caution to readers with any channeled messages, at times, one can focus on “out there or disaster points”, please use discernment. Nothing is set in stone and you have an answer too – within!

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