Be Light that YOU ARE. Harmonise within. Make peace with dark aspects of yourself. Let Love Shine!.

Harmonize Within

What is light but that life force energy that is love, that is expansive, that is joyful, that is limitless, and that is harmonious to life? You and I are one with light. Darkness is the opposite. Where do good and evil stand? Good and evil can be defined within the context of religion, culture and an individual’s moral compass, which can be varying in many different ways and further expands the separation among men. We will never be perfect in the eyes of man but in the eyes of God, we are perfect the way we are; hence, we are given the free will of enlightenment. There is no point debating living in perfection of service of light against dark, and vice versa. One just has to choose a path – moment by moment – do you want to expand or limit yourself?

We are one with All That Is. The illusion of separation within is mirrored in our external world. So make peace with the darkness within, choose to expand with the light within because that is our pure essence. What happens when a dark room lights up? There is only light.

Enough energy has been generated by our world, including healers and spiritual teachers, because we are not immune to temptations and trials. As one grows and become stronger, it is vital to acknowledge the choice while releasing judgements of opposing beliefs. Why? You are one with light; therefore, “in-lightenment” starts within. How?

Love is one answer. Love expresses in many forms: compassion, forgiveness, patience, kindness, consideration, humility, acceptance, affection, understanding, generosity, confidence, gratitude, etc.. When one is in a state of love, the motives and intentions become clear and choices become more expansive that support your joy and well-being in a more sustainable way long-term. Another way is to meditate and silence the mind. The mind wanders a lot. By lowering its volume, you become an observer of your internal voice and personality conflicts. When you are one with All that Is, the world simplifies and the enlightenment work starts within. The personality conflict exists because you (the dense small aspect) conflicts with YOU (the expansive and All That Is).

When you choose to love life and be with All that Is, you become more aware of your choices, your expansive self and motives of being. Furthermore, love expands t­­­o loving that “dark side” of your personality. It is not about perfectionism but harmonizing. When you harmonize within, you raise your level of awareness and you become more enlightened inside and outside. You become more loving towards others and yourself. The cycle then continues within and it expands out. Nobody can do it for you. You have to do it for yourself. Your choice to be of light expands the world. Small ways and big ways. Let the love in so you can be a light to others besides yourself.


I am conscious light and have chosen a path to live in this world. As God has allowed for life to grow, God chooses to allow for everything and all of life. It is my acknowledgement of my choice to be one with light and further expand this way. My choice of light does not diminish another person’s choice. This is why I have the gift of free will. I choose light to flow into each of my cell and lead my awareness and choices.

I enter this light frequency of vitality and well-being as I go forth today and the days ahead, to honour the sacredness of life in all of us while bearing in mind that each moment is a choice to stay in my own light. I release judgement of self and others if I lose sight at times of my light or their light. My life may appear to have obstacles but I have light within to shine a pathway out of darkness/fear, etc.. I can choose light. I let go of the past – memories of pain and suffering. I welcome new opportunities, new blessings, new miracles, new thought-patterns, new being-ness and allow myself to experience more light and peace in my heart and mind every day.

I allow myself to live in the present moment, being one with the light, while removing the cloud of darkness in my heart, my head and even in my mind, to allow for a life that continues to unfold and balance with love the well-being of self and of others. Each person has his/her own mark and path. All life has to be honoured. I welcome new avenues of co-creation with life that honours my sovereignty with love and care, as I have honoured others. Fear is a habit; enlightenment is a choice. I choose light and empowerment.

I allow myself to experience myself in an expansive form, to be one with the divine self and strengthen my connection with Source of Life and love, to gain wisdom and light to harmonise self with Self and be one with All That Is, in more expansive and loving ways.


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