worried?……..HALLELUJAH Anyway!

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This morning, immediately or while praying,  the first thing my brain did was worry about the myriad of small things connected to unemployment and my health.  The ego went on!   So, I CHOSE TO STOP, SHIFT – IMMEDIATELY!!!!!   (ok maybe after 5-10 minutes of internal turmoil?) Afterwards, the answer was clear to me.   So how does one shift? Start within to CLEAR my head!

Instead of going to an outside source of material, I took my own advice. I read my blog about when %&*# hits the fan (link),  These words shifted me immediately “I choose to flow from the center of my inner power. I am open to my soul’s insight; I am open for an internal shift in perception and stand”.  The worry washed away – immediately!  HALLELUJAH!

It has been a process of humility to see that I still have fears to overcome but again at this time of my life, I am relearning to accept and love myself, re-learning to view the world another way, remembering the skills and capabilities I had prior to my health problems, re-aligning my heart and brain functions, re-establishing my inner power, re-defining my relationship to my ego, all the while re-prioritizing so I can take appropriate action to make my of some dreams come true – albeit slowly  – at this time of my health recovery and being patient to not make the same mistake as before – run and relapse. Who am I now? I am re-learning this too!

It is quite an amusing experience that in my path to recovery, the answer is love.  Love means in practical terms to take it easy and to see the fruits of my labour.  With unemployment and my health concerns, how far will I get through. I do not know the answer.  I am/was a Type A personality who is a go-go-go until I hit the wall so “doing nothing and taking it easy” was never my tendency. Who am I now? I don’t know!

Oh well, life is evolving. I am evolving.  The good news is — the tune of a song kept playing  in my head – Dr & Master Sha, called I love my body and soul (link)  These are the lyrics:

I love my heart and soul
I love all humanity
Join hearts and souls together
Love, peace and harmony

How appropriate that I am gifted the shift from my own work, supported by the song that continued to play in my head.  It supported that my path while unique and perceived crazy (yes, crazy!) is supported by allowing my body and soul to unite in divine order, in peace and harmony. 

This afternoon, I was able to go back to the draft I had written and posted Using the Gift of Light and Love to Awaken my Consciousness.  (link)  and it was fabulously inspired!

I supposed my life is teaching me to see success in some other manner.  Small incremental success, combined with small efforts done overtime can lead to success as well – not necessarily the quick fix, or mind-blowing expansion or exploding success that the ego likes to conjure up (i.e. Wayne Dyer or some publication will read my blog and I will be writing, inspiring full-time!)

Success is an interpretation of our efforts. It is very kind to myself to accept it in any form – small or incremental.   Success comes in small and big waves.  Taking it easy  and shifting from worry are skills that are gifts.  I cannot stop worry but I can shift from it!  The amygdala, the function of the brain that have the fear responses,  cannot be silenced but the volume can be lowered through the power of consciousness. As a gift, it also shifted my internal dialogue to redefine what it means to be a successful and how to get to success.  So what if I am not the next overnight success story that explodes my bank account?  So what if past efforts lead to me some pain and now a health recovery path? My life continues! Life is still a gift to be treasured and honored

It takes work, time and effort.   I know how to work hard but what if in my healing path, I take it slowly until I am strong enough to regain my footing and come out of it more balanced and centered. Eventually, I may just find joy and more love again – while working smarter and effortlessly harder.  (How? What? Effortless and hard together? Yep! Those are inspired words; time will only tell.)

Oh, and from hours/days of worry……. shifting down to minutes of worry – that is phenomenal success too!


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