Gift of Love and Light as Tools to Awakening Consciousness

 Awakening Consciousness

Gift of Love and Light as Tools to Awakening Consciousness

In psychology, consciousness refers to a person’s awareness of sensations, thoughts, and other internal processes.   To expand this terminology, consciousness is the awareness of our connection to the heart of our soul that knows its divine essence as love and light; it is the awareness of our connection to the heart of the body’s wisdom; it is the awareness of our connection to the ultimate source and creator of life that is limitless and intangibly unexplainable; it is the awareness of the blessings of living on this plane of existence; it is the awareness of the sanctity of our lives; it is the awareness that you as a divine light conscious being are powerful enough to impact others in this world through your own light.  Love and light are the key ingredients for a more fulfilling awakening.

The gift of an awakening consciousness through love is the brave inner clarity and wisdom that propels us to make decisions to become more harmonious, peaceful, loving and joyful.­­­ Awakening consciousness does not eradicate the ebbs and flow of life nor does it make one “perfect in the eyes of the world”. Instead, it offers a platform to be in a state of oneness and harmony, to see life in a more expansive way that honours the light and love within, starting with seeing it from own eyes, hearing it from our own hearts and mind. Our deepening awareness and choice-­ to love and support light can make room for humility, courage, forgiveness, compassion, patience, acceptance, joy and other forms of expansive living when the answers are challenged by the ego-self, pained-body, by people around you and your life circumstances.

­­Connect to the love and divine within. Connect to Love-Source.  When practiced regularly, with love and humility, our auto-response system can allow a more awakened shift at times of internal distress, clearing the energetic frequencies of the misguided ego. The misguided ego needs to learn to be more in a state of balance but until it gets there, it knows no better.  The misguided ego knows us more intimately than any other person. When misguided, it knows all our past stories, our triggers, and personality to generate more fear or darkness or hatred, and demand submission to reclaim its territory.  This is why it is imperative to take back our light and reconnect on a daily basis to the light and love within that comes from Source Love and your God-essence.

Love speaks through the heart of your soul and your body’s wisdom.  When the ego is troubled, it tends to demand and shout. Love encourages, inspires, whispers and never demands.  Yes, love at times appears to be illogical and irrational but when connected to God-essence, love is balanced, more expansive and healthy because it shines the light within and shows us more options outside the ego’s peripheral vision. Love engages the divine wisdom of the body and the soul in a more empowered aligned way.  Yes, love also is that energy that opens to miracles, serendipity and other forms of illogical events that transpire to support us in living our life in a state of oneness with the divine and harmony within and the external world that mirrors our journey.

By working on becoming more conscious, we attract healing and the most effective work starts within.   That is why healing is a process by which we become whole; the healer and the healing methods are conduits or tools for facilitation. It is ever evolving; never ending because of our dense world. That is why there is free will.  As we raise our level of awareness and utilize love and light as our key ingredients; we attract people, ideas, scenarios, events, teachers, circumstances, options, miracles, etc… to support us accordingly.  After all, everything is energy and interconnected.

Life continues regardless of our choices to awaken or not. However, we are now living in a world that is smaller.  How are you helping shape your life and others’ – through light (expansion) or darkness (limitation)? We are all given the choice of free will.  Some enjoy the backseat of a car; some prefer to drive the car. There is no right or wrong but in a world that is smaller, the awareness you attain can help you and others. The question then becomes what works and what doesn’t – both internally and externally, locally or globally?

Raising consciousness is a long process so take it easy but do it in a disciplined manner. Small dosages each day help.  Remember to be kind to yourself and humble to know that darkness is part of our existence and to accept its role in our evolution. It is better to make peace with the opposition, perhaps to acknowledge and send it away gracefully, than to reject it only to find it raring its head back at you. If need be, yes, you can demand and take back your light.  Eventually, as moments of divine clarity open up, one enters a state of harmony and then oneness with a higher vibratory level where there is only light.

Prayer of Intent:

I open myself to Love and Life Source. I have God-essence. I am love and light. I say this with humility knowing that life has been gifted to all of us and creation is a gift of expression by each individual. I acknowledge that love and light can be an answer for me, not pride from ego-self.  I choose to raise the level of my own consciousness – heart, mind, body and soul for my highest good.   I welcome clearing fields of light protection around me as I engage in alignment with loving energetic frequencies, loving states of being, new thought patterns that support the light within, and further anchors a more enlightened state of being.  I open, allow and accept a gentle awakening to support me in my growth.  I have light within. I honour this choice. I thank God for this anchoring as I live my day today.

As I raise my awareness, I become more conscious of the gift of life, the oneness within, my empowered choices and courage to take action. Every day, I experience the beauty of my creation; I feel the beating of a heart and a mind that is enlivened, balanced and aligned to Light and Love Source; I allow my body to function and generate ideas, solutions and strategies that support a more enlightened consciousness. With gratitude, I allow the universe to open its doors for me as I graciously accept its gifts as I envision a brighter, lighter, loving life. I am worthy to enjoy a healthy, wealthy, loving and joyful life. So be it.


I have consciousness that is aware of my connection to the heart of my soul that knows its divine essence as love and light. I have awareness of my connection to the heart of the body’s wisdom. I have consciousness of my connection to the ultimate source and creator of life that is limitless and intangibly unexplainable. I have awareness of the blessings of living a life in this plane of existence. I have awareness of the sanctity of my life. I have awareness that I, as a divine light conscious being, am powerful enough to live my own life the way I see it, to impact others in this world through my own light.  I have awareness that holding my own light is my responsibility, not others (nor carrying their light for them).  I access the divine love and light that are keys ingredients for a gentle and fulfilling awakening.

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