I am no better than you. You are no better than me.

I am no better than you

I am no better than you. You are no better than me.  God loves us – good, bad and ugly.

We all seek to love even if our methods are different. While I write this book with intentions to liberate the pain (anger, frustration, etc….) in me and allow the light to expand in me, others will question my methods even my own philosophies.  Regardless of the judgement, I can choose to liberate myself from more judgements – even my own — because what is true now? Whatever is in our hearts is true for each of us – good, bad and the ugly.  I am no different from you in terms of worthiness of God’s love, affection and approval. In fact, there is no need to seek her/his approval because we are loved beyond measure even when we forget, curse or complain about our trials and tribulations. In God’s eyes, there is nothing to prove.

Innate in most of us is a desire to evolve – consciously or unconsciously. The challenge is when the misguided ego plays its tricks as illusions of fear or judgements that manifest as, or play into our habitual need to measure ourselves to society’s standard of “good enough”, which begets “not good enough”. So the next time you feel superior or inferior, connect to your God-essence, feel your essence and divine worth and raise your consciousness to allow more light to flow into your awareness.  Insights will come. Judgements will fall. Forgiveness may take place. You may feel loved beyond measure. Yes, in some instances, doors will open and shut to usher in new beginnings and new endings.


God loves me. My self-worth is now being anchored in this truth and I take back my worth and identity and anchor it in God’s expansive love, wisdom, magnificence and mercy.  I allow myself to be who I am now and I forgive myself for being who I was.  I forgive myself for self-inflicted pains and I release myself of my own judgements and others’. I release the addiction to past mistakes.  God loves me no matter what.


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