Oneness with all….

Nothing I cannot do

I am God-essence. There is nothing I cannot do or achieve when I remember this true essence. I am connected to all my heart’s desires.  I am one with it.

My heart is pure. My mind is clear. I am comforted by the many ways a benevolent universe can support me.

I release the need to see or experience life in a dramatic or old fashioned way that binds me to fear or limitation.

While the structures that hold society is going through massive transformation, as I feel fear or doubt,  I can  regain my balance that is rightfully deserved when my heart and mind collaborate with my God-essence.

There is room for my growth as an individual still looking for answers in my life.  I just have to remember that God has promised me ways so I can nurture myself, to experience life that includes more love and wealth in the most gentle, sweet manner.

I am a loving, kind and  generous in my spirit and nature. Therefore, I attract into my life circumstances and people who honor my nature. More importantly, I have worked hard to heal from past pain so each day, it gets easier to get out of old habits. I am creating new ways of being.

I do not have to figure it all the “hows” of life.  I have God-essence that spark the pathway. I no longer need to see the world through the small self’s lens of perception or doubt.  I can grow my God-essence and connect to the one true source. I am one with all that I desire. Doors open in more ways than I can count or know for life works in splendid and mysterious ways too.

I am good enough.   I allow. I allow. I open and accept. I accept with gratitude and open arms.

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