God is life experiencing itself to the fullest through YOU

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We have chosen to live in a world that has polarity. To live in this polarity presents its challenges. We have chosen the path of light because it is expansive. What is the path of light? It is the path that allows for love and expansion – regardless of who one is. Those who love the path of darkness are choosing the same as those who choose the path of light.  We are given the choice of free will so choose carefully and choose where to put your power or who you give your power to.  We can be free despite the illusion of imprisonment to a system that at times discredits our power. For in taking back our power, we can be illuminated by our intentions and our choices from our own perceived sins or self-judgements, etc…

To look at oneself is to look at God defined in our own way. God is life experiencing itself to the fullest so how are you choosing to represent God? Are you choosing the path that seeks to expand (light) or seeks to limit (dark).  Be reminded that in this choice, there is no need to “be perfect at it or get it right off the bat”, to do so is unkind and reinforces the unworthiness and victimhood attitudes.

Be aware that as you exercise your free will more consciously, the door will open for you to have opportunities to heal from archaic belief systems. Life lessons will occur. Contracts will end. Relationships will be changing. You will be tested for your ability to hold yourself in the light. Do not be afraid to take the test because whether you are aware of it or not, you are already taking it.  Jesus did not come to earth on day 1 and resurrected on day 2. Buddha did not hit his enlightenment at age 2. They have their own journey much like the rest of us.

Be strong, be brave and be kind to yourself every step of the way.  If it gets tough, connect to the God-essence inside that understands the aspect of you that is whole, loved and accepted. Remove pride and ask for God’s help while you take ownership of your own free will and power. There is a balancing act in this co-creating world of ours. Remember that with every expression of pain or fear, there is the opposite expression of love and light such as —

Pride – Humility                    Closed – Allowing       Control -Surrender
Anger – Forgiveness             Fear – Faith                  Victim – Victor
Oppression – Expansion      Denial – Ownership


As you go through your consciousness and heal from your pain, learn to decipher which ones you are stuck in. It may take a few or a lot of “clearing” but as you gain more with awareness, you give yourself the gift of owning your free will.  God has given all of us free will so own your success in it.  In this life, there is no need to get it “perfect” because we each live in a world that has varying moral compass. You start where you are, that is your perfect spot that is your perfect place and time, so start there.


At this time, I am choosing to exercise free will.  At this time, I am choosing to see my own shadow and my own light.  I seek guidance within – not to perfect myself to please others but to welcome into my life the choices for expansiveness and freedom.  God is experiencing life through me. How do I serve my light in a more empowering way – for myself and to honour the gift of life and expansion?


In times of internal conflict, fill in the blanks below:

At this time, my intention is __________.  My choices are these _______.  Where there is light, there may be a shadow.  I choose to make a decision through divine will and light, I choose to raise the level of my awareness and consciousness at this time; I have God-essence – so more choices can be available.  Afterwards, wait for inspired options or insights before you make a decision. Take action.

3 thoughts on “God is life experiencing itself to the fullest through YOU

    • Thank you. I read your profile; I am sorry for your loss. I hope your days ahead is filled with more sunshine and your poetry for Substraction is wicked… So how is God experiencing through you? Some of your words are beautiful…

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