Take your power and vitality back

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We are forces of nature that is why we exist on this Earth. In living here, we have consciously and unconsciously spread out our essence in various ways.  We have various levels of consciousness that defines who we are that have been spread out around Earth. Take your awareness within to reclaim your power back from forces that intend to take you apart from your God-essence.


I am the power that God has gifted me. I am worthy to exercise this power to shine a light in my own way and in my own path. I honour my life because I take the power that God has bestowed upon each of us to co-create a life with a benevolent Universe that is worthy to live in bliss. We are of light. I am of light.

I unplug from mass consciousness and plug into my own God-consciousness. I take my power back.

I disengage from my own low vibratory/fear consciousness and plug into my God-expanded consciousness. I take my light back.


In my path of light, I have inadvertently surrendered my power to certain diseases, systems of oppression or limitation, patterns of thoughts, patterns of judgement that have removed my identity from my own God-essnece and one that no longer serve me.

I connect to the power of God’s light that dwells in my heart. I call upon the forces of light and nature that honours my sovereignty and want to be of aid at this time as I reclaim my power back – I take my power back from ________ (specify the disease, scarcity/poverty, victimhood, people, conditions, etc…). I take my awareness back from ______ (specify the conditions/disease, poverty, judgements of others or self, etc…).  I dismiss its power over me. I remove the cloud of ______ (confusion, blindness, anxiety, judgement, fear, pride, etc…). I dismiss its power over me. I surrender any frequencies and energies of discord to God’s light for transmutation as I asked for a re-tooling of my subconscious to new frequencies of empowerment.

I take my power back and declare my God-given sovereignty and vitality back.  I ask God and her aids for a tuning up of my thought patterns, energetic frequency points, personality grids, emotional points, mental body, and other states of consciousness. I ask through divine love and will to reconnect and realign my heart/mind connection to its highest light quotient through the will of God and into his light. I honour my power and this realignment.


My body is a vessel of light and has its own higher consciousness. I ask and allow my body to clear any discord. This body is a sacred vessel that God has provided me to experience life here on Earth. I honour the wisdom of my body and its ability to heal itself, to reach its vitality, to create with nature and with God a boundary that helps me transmute energies of discord. We demand our right for vitality and optimum health. We reclaim our power and our space. We choose to take care of this body. We connect to the forces of nature that is highly calibrated to the pure essence of creation, expansion, love, support, light and honours the expansiveness and sovereignty of our essence and the reality that we can experience heaven on earth. The body is a magnificent force of nature; I honour its wisdom and give thanks for its abilities to live in its vitality and wellness.

I unplug from mass consciousness. I plug into my body’s highest level of consciousness to allow it to transmute any mutation that is occurring in the cellular level.  I give thanks for any healing. If there is a judgement about any condition as I go through the process of healing, I release this discord. I welcome the opportunity for this body consciousness to heal, re-adjust, re-align itself for its highest good as God intended it to be in the original blueprint. 

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