Honor the divine within you

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There is nothing wrong with the world except for the perception that you have allowed yourself to have. Each of us is connected to God-essence that understands our own expansiveness and our connection to light and love.  When connected, there is nothing to be or do, you just are.   Your existence in this world is one that is made in the magnificence of that which created the world and gave breath to life itself – you and me included.

When in doubt of your decisions or even of yourself, connect to this essence – with intention and from the heart center – (tool: touch your heart area and be open).  Honour the messages that you are receiving for it is from your higher self that knows its connection to God.

Each of us has an inner compass and inner knowing. You evolve much like a flower that is blooming. Nature takes its course, so do you.  Be open to life. Be open to what life brings even in tough times and try your best not to allow the external world from seeing your own truth.  Surrender to your higher self with grace and humility. It has the big picture. Surrender to the love that is encompassing for it will not lead you astray.  Surrender to your God-essence of light.


I have God-essence because God says so and I choose to be in this grace. I call upon the light that is in my heart. I am made in the image and likeness of God, to deny this is to deny my life, His creation and Her love of me. I surrender to my connection and my higher self for it dwells in the love and light of God. I connect to the God-essence with humility as I evolve as a soul and in this existence. I have God-essence. I am experiencing God’s gift of life in my own way. I honour this gift. I honour myself. I honour my journey, past, present and future. I ask that God help me connect to my essence as I further expand in light and love.

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