Prayer of Forgiveness and Completion

wordpress imageFor the past few weeks, I have been ridiculed and abandoned by the same person in one of the most trying times of my life. As I keep forcing myself to forgive, I find it’s going to take some time. What would love do? If I was a 2 year old, what would I tell myself?  Here is my answer within:

Dear child of mine who is hurting. I acknowledge the hurt that you feel – you feel abandoned and ridiculed in your moments of vulnerability. There is an aspect of ours that was abandoned and neglected when we were a child. This latest “mistake by others” showed us this pain for its completion. Hold onto this new completed energy as you make your way through and to forgiveness. If you are not ready to forgive, do not let the pain or anger eat you and slowly let it go. Let go of the pain that no longer serves us;  for now we know better – the truth has set us free. The truth being – we are loved beyond measure and supported in many ways. People care about you. It is time to “let go” of old beliefs and old relationships – not to leave people behind – but to redefine what relationships are to us – especially when it comes to close family and friends. You deserve to have a relationship that is mutually beneficial but one that is anchored with more light (and not abuse or full dependencies) – in whatever way or form.  Do not expect that life will be all rosy but it is this new beginning that you will find ways to redefine and acknowledge through gratitude those who come into your life, including those who have hurt you and those whose kindness and strength are shared with you.  It is a releasing of what no longer works. Your independence is key to your inner compass and that includes cutting ties or limiting the relationships with those who bring you down. Do not fret. They will be taken care of in their own ways. You will manage to enter new relationships. Do not be afraid of being lonely as this is in passing. Remember, you are never alone. Your guides are here for you – earth and spiritual guides. Always.

We call upon the spirit and love of compassion and forgiveness as we envelope (my name) with words of encouragement and wisdom. For the truth has been unveiled for her healing and forward movement. We ask that new frequencies of energies be uploaded/download so she may find new truths in moments of anguish.  We ask that I am aided in releasing dense forms of thoughts and energy patterns within my heart as I call upon the forces of nature to help me forgive and see the light within me and accept others for their own. We ask for spiritual anchoring of faith and courage as we take ownership of our new thought patterns, new waves of internal strength, and call forth nature’s aid in releasing the anguish and pain in my mind, in my body, in my heart from past wounds in this dimension and other dimensions or energetic fields. We call forth the realignment of chakra, meridiens and centeredness especially in this week’s release and frequency upload/download.. thank you God for this wonderful gift of healing.  While we work through our own forgiveness, we ask for forgiveness and send forgiveness to those who feel paralyzed by their own decisions and effected by mine. I am only doing my best, so are you.  Peace be with you and me. Thank you to those who played a role to allow for this completion.  Namaste.

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