Receiving Support and Abundance

wordpress imageToday’s affirmation:

I am loved and I am love.

I am supported in many ways by a gentle universe by virtue of my chosen thought and belief patterns. Even on odd and difficult moments, there is light in the tunnel offering whispers of wisdom to show us new perspective and new insights.

I am supported by a higher power that is more connected and deeply rooted to the essence of time and divination. All is well.

I am a master of my own creation and domain. In my creation, I can be whoever I choose.

In moments of vulnerability, I am supported to be awakened to the power of my unique self and gifts. I am a gift to life, as well as everybody in this world.

With light and love, we honor our deep connection to God. With forgiveness, we allow the joyful expression of life. Despite our incongruent truths, we are cared for deeply and supported in our growth – by choice to go through the gentle ways/lessons, or harsher ways.

We are not required to give our power away to those who are in need, because to see them as victims is to give the victimhood power. We can center ourselves by anchoring to our inner divine wisdom, to placate the energies that are obsessed with chaos and to rise above it.

To receive is to honor the abundance in the world and to acknowledge the help provided by the universe.

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