Welcome the Shift Within

I am the queen of my own creation and healing.

I am a witness to divine love and mercy.

I honor the benevolence within.

I honor my heart that leads me to God – the oneness that exists.

I embrace and allow for the fullness of my being – especially the wholeness within.

I allow the emergence of my power, my new insights, my new love for life and others.

I embrace the changes within as I view the world more in the eyes of God – with oneness, harmony, love and compassion.

I embrace the womanhood that is whole, forgiving, allowing and accepting of God’s grace, wisdom and fortitude.

I create with new life and new paths that are sacred and holy as my life and essence is sacred and holy.

(What is the meaning of holy and sacred to God? The insights that come to mind are the wholeness and sanctuary of life with utmost reverence, care and protection inside the sacrum of God – interestingly, per online research, the function of the sacrum is to connect the spine to the hip bones)

I welcome my new being that is more focused, more clear, more grounded, more relaxed, more at peace, more in love, more accepting, more graceful, more expansive and more balanced.

–          I welcome the clarity of being.

–          I welcome the joy of creation.

–          I welcome the divine mother within.

–          I welcome the divine yin/yang within.

–          I welcome the focused mind and being.

–          I welcome the healed body.

–          I welcome the expansive visions, expansive thought patterns and expansive being.

–          I welcome the fruits of my labour.

–          I welcome the richness of life in miracles and joy.

–          I welcome the sanctity of my new found independence and love of self.

–          I welcome God into my life – in new ways that I have yet to experience.

–          I welcome the shift within.

–          I sit in the wholeness within. Amen.

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