New Dawn has Arrived. Pureness of Being.

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There is no need to feel rushed, anxious, angry, worried or afraid over anything. I am safe despite appearances of danger internally and externally.


I am connected to God by way of my being. I choose to be in a blissful and pure state of being as created and willed by God’s love and nature.  I am pure light; where there is darkness, I can light my way. I am pure wisdom; where there is chaos I can see the truth and a new way. I am pure love; where there is fear I anchor myself in God’s loving embrace. I am pure grace; where there is resistance, I draw from the abyss of God’s love and divine flow.  I walk the path of least resistance. I allow myself the gift of the pureness of being with gratitude and fortitude and the sweet surrender to life. Life supports me; I am supported in this new way externally. I magnify this sweet blessing internally as I create the anchors in my heart that is opening the path for more love, bliss and joy into my life. I choose to not have it any other way. I choose to stand in the new dawn of being.  There is no need to stop pretending otherwise. I own my new truth. I own my new “is-ness” and blissfulness. There is no need to be elsewhere and to seek chaos in the name of habit.  I allow my body and mind to relax into this new truth with God’s help. A new dawn has awakened and the sun is shining brightly.  Miracles are upon me. I honor my new path and new beginning. I honor this knowing. I honor my strength. I honor my wisdom. I honor my being. So be it. Amen.

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