Resurgence of Inner Power

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With the recent events in all areas of my life, I am finding that my third eye activated in new ways. While intending to clear out my own “inner static”, my third eye offered me insight to what my problems are. One time, I saw the word “self doubt” then I saw a face of a man who was nagging, critical and obsessed so I had to center myself to allow for healing.


I claim the new inner power from God that is re-surging inside me, to offer me insight for solutions and problem solving, to help me navigate through and around people & process, to allow me to stay true to the wisdom of my mind and the beauty of my heart.  I offer solutions to my problems and others. I also center myself into my heart where it knows to be in the moment. All is well. As I navigate through the unknown, I ask for assistance so I can shift my internal energy and the “obsessed” mind so that I can allow miracles to take place where it is needed (tool: violet flame).   I speak with my heart, mind and soul aligned. I conquer all self-doubt and fears to the best of my abilities. I honor my new ways of being, speaking, hearing and seeing. I say this with gratitude to God. So be it. Amen.

Other tools to help shift focus from “small obssessions” to “big things”

  1. Have faith that you are already able to focus on the “big things” and that you are managing well despite the feel and look of it.
  2. Awareness of the obsession, breathe it out and drink water.
  3. Envision violet flame and light to circle around me and within me – God’s rays of transmutation and love.
  4. Envision yellow flame stabilizing my core stomach (to address safety issue)
  5. Blue light flame – for continued protection and clearance of “space”
  6. Laughter and music (ok maybe not all day at work)
  7. Gratitude for the shift and strengthening of skill

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