Into the roots of God’s love

I woke up this morning with dreams of being alone and resistance to something that caused me inner turmoil. I had to shift myself and choose to accept God’s love and grace as a new state of being —

I choose to be love. I center myself in the arms of God whose love nourishes me every moment. I envelope myself in this sphere of love – one that transmutes any other forms of energy – within and from without; I only allow unconditional love to come into this sphere; anything else is transmuted.  There was inner turmoil and I allow this to pass – I am the violet flame and I release and dismiss and even reconcile thought patterns, energy patterns that no longer serve me in this timeline and other. I receive love from God, his angels and light beings and from myself. I connect with this new energy and allow this to penetrate every single cell in my psyche, body and being…only love…unconditional love. I release thought patterns that challenge this truth because in my new state, only love is reflected back to me in my external world and I only experience love in its pure form. I am a being who knows how to love and therefore I only see love. There is an acceptance and grace in me that grows deep into the roots of God’s love and I accept this gift as I allow the universe to help me to experience God’s acceptance and grace in a less “trying manner”.  There is no need to learn and experience life in chaos.  I honor this new truth. I accept and receive love. I stand in God’s strength as I stand in my new being and strength. I am connected to my divinity. I am a pipeline of God’s grace and love; I honor this deep connection. I choose to be so. Help me God throughout this day to experience your love from within myself and from my external world. Thank you.

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