The Start of Knowing…..

•I am experiencing and allowing myself to center into my heart and the calmness of my soul. I release resistance of my mind as I experience it in a more effective way. I am awareness itself; therefore, I am able to be who I choose to be. At this time, I choose to just be and not what the ego-mind projects.

•I choose to “know” and allow the universe to reveal to me new insights, new vision, new truths, new energies that propel me into a life of greater contentment and fulfillment, where oneness with beauty, love, abundance, health, joy and well-being are made manifest in my external world – even if it means living my unique creations in what at times can be a polarized environment.  I acknowledge this divine skill of knowing in myself and give thanks to God for these wonderful gifts.

•I choose to acknowledge my wholeness, my awareness, my internal compass, my oneness with the light beings of heaven and earth as I respect the journey of my life and my heart’s desires. I allow and accept the gifts of serendipity and miracles.

•I acknowledge to God, my soul and my guides and send a big thank you for this morning’s affirmation that I have assimilated, expanded and accepted a different level of my knowingness. I claim this path of self-empowerment to its fullness and give thanks for it. So be it…and it is. 🙂



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