I am presence. I am a co-creator of my world and life, in partnership with God and Life.

I choose to create a life that is filled with joyful moments; one that is fulfilling in terms of nourishing my soul’s loving essence, reflecting the love, balance and joy within.

I choose to take my power back and allow my spirit’s true essence to emanate and shine my path.

I allow the unfoldment of life, its changes and I am supported through this road.

I attract into my life more joyful people and I share my gift of joy with them.

I complete the programs so that “vampires” no longer effect my life and I claim my strength to say no.  I am releasing and closing the programs within that no longer serve me.

I ask the archangels and Mother Earth to hear my plea and open doors for my preferred path, especially as I deal with my own triggers.

I  release judgements on others as i release judgements on myself.

I claim my divine power and claim my divine right to live freely and happily.  I am protected and safe to do. I am supported in this chosen path. I am safe to receive. I am safe to live an abundant life.

As I grow further into my “re-membering” I honor and give advanced thanks to God, myself, the guides that help pave the way, the archangels, Mother Earth and her “friendly earth creations”.  May our paths be blessed with more joy as we create a more balanced and fulfilling contented life for me.

I forgive my “enemies” and thank you for being part of my journey; I set you free and I ask that you do the same.  I forgive and ask the multi-dimensional guides to clear/complete/close the energy fields from the timelines when I was hurt, abused, murdered, betrayed, victimized – I send transmutation healing energies as aided by my guides.  I feel my tummy hurt. I ask my body’s healing intelligence to call forth the beautiful guiding light of transmutation so the cellular memories be released and cleared. Thank you body as I feel the tension release. I ask my body to beautifully regenerate the cells in love and ask for divine intervention from God’s grace. I summon the violet flame.

From now henceforth, especially over the next few months of further transition and change, only harmonic “light” energies are able to penetrate my cloak/auric field. I ask for archangel’s and guides’ help – yes even the fairies and the deva of light world – let us walk the straight narrow path of balance. I claim my power. I thank  you Gaia for the kind encouraging words through channelled materials and even with nature – as the trees remind me to “just be”.  Let us keep this partnership growing and let us sail through a life of bliss, freedom and joy. One more thing, please help by body adjust to this new light.

I own and live my Own Truth, Wisdom, Answers (even if it is No) with God’s Grace. Amen. So be it.

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