I don’t want to take your power.. I have enough of my own.

A great friend of mine suggested I check William Linville’s website.  I was about to close the website until I heard these magic words,” I don’t need to be thought of as a guru. I don’t want to take your power because I have enough of my own.”

His sense of self is a great reminder to ask myself the ultimate question – are any of my dreams or desires connected to helping me somehow feel like I have attained a level of  power?  The answer is “Ouch ego. Yes”

Have I given my power away and in what ways do these manifest in my dreams or desires?

– External love  – I have forgotten that God is love and life manifested so by default that makes me a spark of love. Love is my core-being. How can I question and seek love outside of myself when this is my pure essence and where I come from.

– Approval – I am whole with or without an approval from anybody.  Love of self means I do not need to prove anything – even to myself.

– External wealth –  Have I lost my belief in myself and others that I seek to pre-empt life by seeking wealth to create the illusion of certainty? to seek power outside of myself instead of recognizing that I am connected to what it is I need or desire and I am being taken care of by a benevolent universe? that I have the power to create and co-create with life?

All of the above when looked through the lens of lack indicate that I have felt powerless.  Why have I given my power away?

I want to redefine power – the state of being and remembering of my own abilities to create, re-create, co-create with life and to hear my own voice and wisdom through the process.

May God bless this journey.  God bless me and everybody who may read this post, May each moment or day allow us the recognition to find the light within and to remember our power.  Maybe then, we can move towards conscious creation for the benefit of all (than a few).  Thanks Mr Linville.

I have enough power of my own; so do you!


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