These inspired words came about as I asked myself these questions:

I’m a bit tired of reading other people’s work. What is true now? How can I shift and be more mindful of my mind so I stay in the present? What are my own answers? When do I break free? When do I break free from the wall – that invisible wall of resistance and future/past thinking? I don’t want to keep seeking? What am I seeking for? I refuse to be unconscious! What is true now?

  • I talk to my ego. I boss it around. I’m the boss of it, not the other way around.
  • I talk to my soul. My soul sees the truth. It fills the lying hole with divine truth.
  • Where ever you are; there you are.
  • I am always bringing new insight into my life. New insight nourishes my life and my eyesight.
  • I am mindful of my mind as it plays the tricks of time (i.e. past/future).
  • I know how to stay in the now.

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